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We Create

Custom In-House Design

With a large assortment of manufacturing capabilities housed underneath one roof, our company is recognized throughout the industry as a unique and exceptional organization. M&E is a full-service custom manufacturer, specializing in metal, plastics, and wood. We service a diverse range of customers, both domestic and international, in a wide variety of industries. We excel in manufacturing component parts, prototypes, and complete production runs. Our proven record and longstanding relationships with customers demonstrate our ability to produce competitively priced quality products promptly.

Manufacturing Capabilities


Injection Molding Machine

Injection Molding

M&E has seven molding machines ranging from 55 to 165 tons. M&E can affordably produce parts of many sizes with this diverse collection of computer-controlled injection molding machines.


Water Jet Cutting Machine

CNC WaterJet

We can produce custom shapes from almost any material including granite, tile, and porcelain. Our WaterJet has a bed size of 6' x 12', allowing us to fit various sizes of materials.


Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting

Our state-of-the-art, high power laser cutter can accurately and precisely make quick work of your material cutting needs. With a cutting area of 60" x 120" and the ability to cut up to 5/8” thick steel, your parts are likely to fit on our laser. Besides regular steel, the laser cuts stainless steel, aluminum, wood, and many types of plastic, including acrylic.


Hand-welded design


With Mig, Tig, spot, resistance, and butt welders, M&E can weld almost any type of part. Whether steel or aluminum, our welders have the experience needed to complete your job specifications.


Professional powder coating

Painting / Powder Coating

Our in-house paint and powder coat booth and oven will allow us to finish your product to the color and specifications you require. Coating your samples and small runs right here enables a quicker turn around on your low volume orders.


Turrent Press Machine

Metal & Plastic Fabrication

M&E offers a wide variety of metal fabrication capabilities. We are ready to take on your project, whether it be metal design and engineering, prototyping, work with the brake press, punch press, waterjet or shear, any welding, or finishing. We can produce using most any type of metal, and we will gladly meet your metal fabrication needs, whatever they may be. Our organization offers a diverse spectrum of capabilities in plastic fabrication as well.


CNC Routing Machine

Wood Fabrication

M&E offers a complete wood department for all your needs. We equip our team of woodworking specialists with three-and four-axis CNC routers, table saws, as well as other standard woodworking machinery that is ready to produce your designs to the exact standards demanded on your next project.


Wire Forming Machine

Wire Forming

Our Wire Forming machinery can produce an endless variety of configurations for your application by taking wire directly from a coil and fabricating it into precision parts. This process, combined with our various secondary operation capabilities, allows us to achieve your most complex requirements.


Large Format Printer

Large Format Printing

We offer in-house large format digital printing. We can print on a variety of mediums, including paper stock, canvas, transparency, and many others. The printer comes equipped with a cutter, which can cut out custom decals of nearly any size.


Die Cutting Machine

Die Cutting

Our Die Cutting department can cut a large variety of material to the custom shape and size that you require. Our engineering department can assist in the design and cut routered or waterjet samples of many types of parts to create functional pieces before the ordering the die.


Milling Machine


The machining department at M&E is ready to take on your special requests. Whether it is plastic or metal, we have the capabilities to get your job done right. We can produce anything from a simple part to high precision dies, to meet all of your needs.